Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are the World : 25th Anniversary Remake

I admit, I was skeptical of a "We are the World" remake. Sometimes you just really don't want to mess with a Good Thing, especially if you risk tarnishing the original product. Well, my 2010 celebs made me proud....or maybe a song of this stature (especially at a time like this) is just impossible to mess up. I sound like a hater, right? Lol I'm admitting maybe I was wrong to not want a remake. I believe M.J. would be proud, especially because the main purpose is for a good cause. You can purchase this download and at the same time make a donation to Haiti.

The performance debuted during the airing of the Winter Olympic games. I was surprised, some artist I hadn't seen in a while (Faith Evans..I think that was her), and some celebs I was surprised they let have the parts that they did (I.e. Lil Wayne & Kanye West). However, these are the big stars & they get the people attention & THAT IS the PURPOSE!! KUDOS. Take a look/listen.


Did you enjoy the remake, or wish they would've left it alone?

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