Friday, February 19, 2010

Talk is Still Cheap: INITATIVE

In light of some recent events, I felt compelled to state my plea! We need more positive role models/mentors for our younger generation, especially for our young men.

A lot of the time we see things or certain situations, that we know are just NOT RIGHT, and we are AMAZED & DISTURBED. We may cry, get angry, or even LAUGH at what we see, and then.....we go on about our day.

"Be the Change you wish to see!"

What good is knowledge if we retain it and keep it to ourselves? Does it still take a village to raise a child? Are we just as much responsible, for the things we see in the wrong, if we don't attempt to correct "wrong" when we see it?

Have you ever stopped to think about how you can use your knowledge to make a difference in someone's life, better yet make a difference in the world?

We all know in just seconds alone we can make a lasting impression, if just by a kind gesture, a compliment, a hug, or even a smile. Mentorship is rewarding to the individual giving love, the individual receiving love, and the society reaping the benefits of that love.

"We do better, when we know better."

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