Thursday, February 11, 2010

SiLeNt DEaTh of Black Children

A few posts ago I shared with you a controversial Superbowl commercial, featuring Tebow and his mom, supporting a Pro Life stance. Well, apparently supporters of that ad are NOT alone.

It was brought to my attention, another controversial ad being spotted around Atlanta, Georgia. There are 65 of these billboards around the city. Black Children are being called "ENDANGERED SPECIES". The headline of the billboard reads: "Black Children Are An Endangered Species. The anti-abortion group, "The Radiance Foundation", along with the anti-abortion group "Georgia Right to Life" sponsors the ad.

The ads follow a belief that our community is supporting a silent genocide by aborting children, without giving them the right to life. I guess this argument depends on how you feel about abortion and abortion rights. This is always a touchy subject. To me, both arguments have good points.

I don't know....what do you think?

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  1. I feel that abortion is a personal choice. No one BUT that woman knows what type of position she is in when she becomes pregnant and only she knows the type of life she will be able to provide for her child. If a woman knows that she can not provide properly for her child than abortion could be a good choice if she feels she can not bring herself to give her child up for adoption (something I dont think I could EVER do). What I do not agree with is these trolips using abortion as a means of birth control. Every woman knows how not to get pregnant, dont get me wrong I know that accidents sometimes happen, but you shouldnt have the same accident 3 and 4 damn times. Another thing I dont agree with is aborting a fetus once it becomes a damn baby. Meaning, when you have to start breaking bones and sh*t, you're doing too damn much and someone should break your damn bones!! Okay, thats my 2 cents!!