Monday, February 22, 2010


"Boo Season", "Boo Thang", "Sidechick", "Sideguy", "Splackaveli", "Mistress", "Do Boy", "partner", "friend guy/girl", "open relationship", "complicated".... you can keep all that!!!

February, the MONTH OF LOVE!! I've written about the existence of "true love" before but more often than not, we hear of infidelity, divorce, and playing the field. We have prominent, talented, beautiful people that are happily in a relationship but UNMARRIED. If you're like me, still have that childhood dream/vision of your perfect Wedding day but first meeting that perfect mate, its kind of contradictory when we have these other images going against the traditions we were raised on.

So, when you find inspiration that still gives you hope, you must share with me, as I will you. IN honor of the month of LOVE & Black History Month, I like to introduce to some and present to others, the longest married couple in the world. Honestly, a lot of people do not live to see the age of 85, but Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher have been married for that long, and approaching another year May 13, 2010.

The couple resides in North Carolina, and have lived in their same home, which Herbert built, for over 50 years. Herbert is 104 years old and Zelymyra is 101, don't they look GOOD?

“There isn’t any secret. It was only God that kept us together.”

The two have maintained membership at two different and separate churches. The Mrs. belongs to an A.M.E. denomination, while the Mr. is Baptist (Who says it can't be done). They attribute some of their longevity to just living a simple life, they worked hard and paid for the college education of all 5 of their children. Mrs. Zelmyra stated that she goes through life just trying to "treat everybody right", and she knew she "wasn't going to be looking for another husband".

Thats what I'm talking when I took the LSAT for the second time, I said I wasn't going to take it again & IM NOT!!

Marriage can still be achieved with dignity and longevity. I BELIEVE! DO YOU?



  1. I remember seein them on the news.. LOVE this post Relle!!

  2. Yea, i remember them from the paper or the news...things have change and the way women have change and the society around us has change, u know u will never find anyone going to differnt churches either...times are just different...its alot harder to accomplish!! @larry4realjr