Wednesday, February 17, 2010

go to SLEEP!!!

Do you often find yourself.....
1.Hungry (have the munchies)
2.Flustered (indecisive)
3.Ill (cold, headache, flu, stomach ache, weary)
4.Clumsy ( slow reaction time, impaired reflex)
5.Emotional (easily angered, annoyed, sensitive)

These are five signs that you may NOT be getting enough sleep each day, sleep deprived. I notice that some people brag about not going to sleep at all in a days time. Granted, sometimes we cant help it, we have deadlines to reach and emergencies to tend to, or demanding jobs. Other than that, why don't we get enough sleep? Adequate sleep is essential to good health, and we, I, need you HEALTHY.

When we are sleep deprived it is not uncommon to be overwhelmed with simple decisions, due to our inability to distinguish between important and irrelevant information. We are often hungry because sleep loss disrupts blood sugar levels and we produce less leptin, which is a hormone that curbs appetite. Also, we are more likely to grab fatty less filling foods when sleepy. Without sleep we are more vulnerable to infection. Tired brains store negative memories more effectively than positive or neutral ones, which leads us to be emotionally unstable. A lack of focus can cause slower and less precise motor skills and impaired reflexes, making us become more of a klutz.

After a long day of physically and mentally taxing work, your body requires rest. When you sleep, your body and mind relax and get ready for another day's work. How can you expect to put your best foot forward in your work & in your life when you're stumbling, emotional, overwhelmed, sick, and have the munchies? As an adult 8 hours is the recommend daily amount of sleep, reducing to 6 when you become a senior citizen.

You know how it feels when you've been so busy and you finally get that one day where you don't have any obligations?!? Well, imagine giving that opportunity to your mind and body EVERYDAY!! ITS POSSIBLE! I encourage you to schedule time to sleep, you'll be more productive and you & your work will be more POLISHED!

TRY IT!! tell me how it goes! After all, I rather you get some hours of sleep now, than some unlimited sleep later & too soon (if you know what I mean). Pass this info along to your hard headed friends and relatives that like to act like zombies, and let'em know its because you care.

*5 Signs You're Sleep Deprived" topic from Health


  1. You right. I dont know when I got to the point where I did not care about sleeping. If you asked some people about me right now they probably would say im kind of angry a lot of the time. I just say I am agressive in my living. I do not get all the sleep I should during the week, maybe it will make me a little more pleasant.

  2. Good Article, I can admit I dont get enough sleep. I work 3rd shift 5days a week. So my Sleep is out of wack. On top of that I play ALOT of Poker for a living and theres never a time in the day where you cant play being that casinos are 24 And once I do something (such as poker) I put my all into it, thats just me. But believe I can definitely feel the whole "no sleep" thing taking a toll on my body. But I will strive to do better. Besides there was one point in my life where I would sleep AT ALL literally, Thanks to a certain someone! *wink*..