Friday, January 29, 2010

WOMaN vs WOMen

Ok, im the type of person to redo my facebook status or erase and re-tweet a tweet if i spell one word wrong. Dont judge me, thats just how I am. Im not perfect but when i recognize a mistake I correct it. And English was a favorite subject of mine, not to mention, I like to I kinda have a niche for properly used grammar.

Being in the cyber world, there is one word that i find commonly mis-used. I noticed it in my myspace days, then to my facebook days, and now my twitter and blog life. The word "WOMEN".

Now it really urked/bothered me, that so many people typed the word "women" when they were speaking in a singular sense, and should thus type the word "woman". I thought this was so elementary, 2nd grade. Why do we not know better? After a well known NBA star tweeted the misuse of this word and I read it to my younger cousins, (after well all had a huge laugh, sorry), I decided to see if other people were noticing this.

Am I alone? Am I wrong? Maybe, i just skipped that day in elementary school and just assumed to use "women" for plural and "woman" for singular, when referring to just one woman.

Help me out! Comments?

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  1. I'm with you girl.. I hate that ish LOL. Its sooooooooooooo irritating LOL. And like you said, SO damn elementary.