Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TURN it UP TUESDAYS: Usher "There Goes my Baby"

Usher is set to release his next album on February 16th of this year. It seems like he has several singles out right now. (Sign them papers *see previous post on this song* and Daddy's Home) One fan favorite, already, is "There Goes My Baby". Raymond coons over the chorus! The song simply describes a partner's affection and definition of a relationship. You know you have found the "one" and you're not afraid to tell the world "There she goes, there he goes".

Sounds like this cd maybe right on time for you coupled up Valentine's Day Sweethearts (for those that can last just two days after). Is the Usher we know, smooth and seductive, back with the release of his newest cd “Raymond Vs Raymond”?

Press play on the player below, and you be the judge of this new track!



  1. I hope he is back in this one. I feel like he fell off badly lately. He needs to pick it back up, asap lol.

  2. hmmmm....I kinda like this song now. lol