Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TURN it UP Tuesdays: Sean Garrett

This week's featured artist is Sean Garrett. The track is entitled "Up in Your Heart" and features Gucci Mane.

I was excited to hear Garrett on the Mario "Break up track". I am a huge fan of a single he put out a few years ago entitled, "Grippin on the Bed".

Garrett is a song writer, turned singer. You can add him in the category with Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo (who were both song writers before they began a solo career). Garrett pinned some of your favorite songs, including.... "Yeah" by Usher, "Run It" by Chris Brown, and helped produce songs such as "Diva" and "Upgrade You" by Beyonce.

"Up in Your Heart" focuses on not only a physical attraction but a mental connection. The track is like a hip hop/dance track (I move my shoulders every time the beat drops). The track features Gucci, and of course the lyrics focus are about how the two men can be different based on their love making capabilities and their financial status. (ya know....same ol stuff), never the less, its catchy and it moves me!!! Enjoy! Press play button on the player below.


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