Thursday, January 14, 2010

sToP YoUr mUsIc!!! Hip Hop Cult?

So lately there has been a lot of talk about Popular artists being devil worshipers. Most commonly, Jay-z, Beyonce and Rhianna. Some people have taken these artists lyrics and appearance and given them their own interpretation. Unsurprisingly, this belief has a lot of following. Even some of these artists own fans not support these allegations, and no longer listen to their music. The debate seems to get stronger and stronger with each newly released single and/or video. You can find several of these videos on Youtube. Check out the following video, its just one that I found that was not extremely long and addresses more than one of the views and displays some "evidence" people have found to suggest some artists are a a part of a secular cult.

How does this make you feel? Do you believe it? Disturbing at all?

Some speculate over the "roc nation" symbol always being placed over the left eye (I never noticed that before), J'HOV, Jay-Z referring to himself as God (Jehovah), and recent lyrics "Jesus cant save you, life starts where the church ends.."

Below is a interview, where Jay-Z finally addresses the rumours. In the video he confesses that he does not believe in Religion but he does believe in "One God". He does not believe in hell and he does not believe that there are different Gods, such as God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddah. He believes different religions just separate us all, but there is indeed just ONE. Which one he believes....he did not confirm. Check out his response below.

Jay says he is just an entertainer and the rumours are ridiculous.

I recall doing an interview in college, and creating an autobiography for a lady who is an advocate of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and transgender rights. She recalled a quote that her religion professor gave her in college, and it sticks with me to this day.
"Religion is for those who do not want to go to hell, Spirituality is for those who have already been there."

I think this quote also hits close to how Jay-Z is attempting to describe his beliefs. Religion is more of an organized belief, where as you may believe you have to follow a certain routine (i.e. attend church 3xs weekly, pay tithes, visit sick and shut in, make the ultimate journey to the top of a mountain, routine meditations, fast at certain times of the year) in order to be a "true" believer or demonstrator of faith. Whereas spirituality is more of a personal connection, where one defines and creates their own relationship with a spiritual entity. Having been through hell and back, you may have a stronger sense of where your spiritual guidance comes from.

Therefore, you can go through the motions, attend church every week, say a prayer or two, or even pay your tithes, but if your spirit isn't in it, if you do not truly believe in a divine entity and express that believe through your living....then what is the purpose.

I say that, to say this, you can watch all these youtube videos on Jay-Z and other artists, and either continue or stop listening to their music, BUT their music/actions won't have anything to do with your religious or spiritual journey. Only you can decide how much you allow someone else's views and opinions to dictate your own.

So, where do you stand?

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So, what are you going to do?



    If I'm not mistaken Jesus didn't hang around christians all day.....he hung around the common man....the change their ways. Now if any of this is true....which I choose not to believe....why would people just shut these artist out of their lives instead of encouraging them to start a more positive revolution.

    I'm over it!

    People believe what they choose to see.....

  2. Im Not a Real Big Religious person, BUT I do believe in GOD! With Me Being a BIG HIP HOP fan, I have to say that this issue is killing Hip Hop even more. It doesnt surprise me that people say Jay-Z worships the devil or in some kind of secret society. The media and society itsself will but a spin on anything just to have a story thats how they get paid!. I just dont think you should let some one with no credibility tell you who is or isnt walking with GOD. Althought thats for HIM to judge right?.. Bottomline, I love Hip Hop.. I Love Music PERIOD... and I wont let someones religious beliefs have a say on who I listen to.. Call Me what you want!.. -D. Carter

  3. Im not completely sold on this story eventhough these videos are fairly persuasive I need more evidence before I can make my decision