Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ambitious features focus on young adults that are creating their own paths for success. I feature noteworthy individuals who are trailblazers in their craft of choice. I highlight their stories, first and foremost to recognize people of our generation who are doing positive things, and furthermore in hopes that their stories inspire someone else.
This week's feature belongs to Rodney aka "Hot Rod on the Track". You may be familiar with that infamous phrase on one of Memphis' own #1 hits "5 Star Chick" by Yo Gotti. This is the man behind the beat. He is a young man, focused, and from what I know has a great work ethic that is sure to get him far. Get to know him.....

Who is "Hot Rod"? What makes you AMBITIOUS?

I am someone who works hard and is very humble. I do what I have to do to succeed in life.

What made you decide to produce music?

I figured, if I could think of a cool beat in my head, then I could make it in real life. It was not easy, and some of my early work was straight trash. After a while, I got the hang of things and kept working at it. People began to suggest I sell my beats. After posting my work on myspace, I landed my first gig working with 8Ball & MJG's group, Da Volunteers. That is how my career started.

How did the track "5 Star Chick" come about?

My freshman year of college, I cut a math class. I remember because I woke up late for a test and decided not to go. On that fall morning (LOL) the 5 star beat was born. If I went to class maybe I wouldn't be doing this interview. Who knows? But, for the record, all the people who love doing music, GO TO CLASS!

What can we expect from you next?

We are still in the works for some major opportunities. I have a few things laid out on the table, as far as placements. We are moving at a steady pace and making sure we make the right moves to benefit our future. So all I can really say is be on the look out. But trust me there are a few surprises in store, I just ask that you be patient. (LOL)

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal as a person is to mold my daughter into the woman I know she can be. As far as my music, I want to eventually start my own label and teach artists or producers along the way. Hopefully, I will have gained all the knowledge I need by then.

What artist(s) would you definitely want to work with in the future?

One artist in particular, I would definitely want to work with is Beyonce. She took the female R&B game by storm. She has great music and she is definitely going down in history as one of the greats.

What advice would you give to up & coming producers or anyone trying to break into the industry?

Most important, BE INDEPENDENT, remain humble at all times, and be prepared at all times. You don't know what great situation may arise. If you are looking for a different route, try to attend some DJ retreats with your work, or a few Indie award shows. There are new artists looking for music. Another thing I would like to give, my own words of advice, don't make music your only option. It is not for everyone, some will make it, others wont. Have a plan to fall back on. Go to school, get a degree, because music is not promising. It can be here today and gone tomorrow, then what would you be left with?

Who influences you?

The two most influential people who have changed my world, are my fiance Jamaica Hedrick, and our lovely beautiful daughter, Jamaya. They have been here through it all, the ups and the downs.

What do you want people to know most about you?

From a musician's point of view, I want aspiring producers to know that just because you make a hit, doesn't mean you are "ON". A lot of people from the outside looking in think my life is in lights. But, I am still working hard to make it. This is only the BEGINNING!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last month on the first I did a post.  I don't take lightly a chance to begin anew.  Starting over is one of the biggest blessings we are allowed.  I believe you can always learn from your mistakes and even someone else's mistake if you choose to.  It is when we learn new things, we do new things or approach things in a different (NEW) manner. will celebrate each first of the month from last month and on.  With that said.....
TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY FA LA LA la la la la laaa la la LA!!! (I really sing this when I type it, even on my twitter Ive been tweeting it every morning.  It really makes me feel a lil jolly.  TRY IT lol)
This time of a year is probably the majority of people's favorite time of year.  I'm sure out of all those people, we all have a different reason as to why this holiday season is so SPECIAL.  This is the time where families from near and far get together and enjoy each other's company, children get on their best behavior for holiday goodies from Santa Clause, the Salvation Army pulls out their red baskets and jingles their bells outside your favorite retail stores, adults alike spend that stash of money they saved (as best they could) over the year to buy gifts for their loved ones, churches request order and rehearsal to put together a traditional holiday program, and in the midst of all the joy and happiness spread......
Someone, somewhere, somehow is making plans to be a GRINCH! 
Someone right now is saying this is the worst time of year!  People are robbing, stealing, cussing, fighting for sales items and lying to the kids about a man that doesn't exists.  Someone, right now, can not wait until this holiday season is over.  They are promising not to smile at strangers, not to drop their pennies in the Salvation Army bucket, and is definitely not sending a HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours.
If you are not going to be a GRINCH, THE GRINCH this year, share your holiday plans or holiday stories of the past, of how you spread or plan to spread some cheer to those around you.

TURN it UP TUESDAYS: F* You, Signed Sincerely

I am very excited about this week's song. I absolutely LOVE it. This is supposedly an old track. Ive never heard it until recently. The song is titled, F*ck the Industry, Signed Sincerely. The song is by Solange and features Wale. The song is supposed to be a part of a Solange mixtape release entitled, "I Can't Get Clearance".

In the song Solange addresses the music industry and its portrayal of the perfect artist. Basically, Solange is just defining herself and her music. She clarifies her musical attitude and her approach as an artists who does not want to be compared to anyone else in the game, even her sister.

Some say, of course as they did Ashlee Simpson and Janet Jackson, that she is trying too hard to be different and set herself apart from her sibling. As you may know, she recently cut off all her hair, however that is something she has done once before in her lifetime without thought of recognition for it. One would think, if you have a sibling in the industry, that is GREAT, you would have to work a little harder to differentiate yourself. Any who, listen to the track, it samples some Kanye and DEFINITELY HAS ATTITUDE!

Press play on the below player. Share what you think! If you like this track, I definitely recommend checking out her latest album.


Monday, November 30, 2009


"Understanding the facts is the key to fighting prejudice and protecting yourself and others"   December 1st is recognized as WORLD AIDS DAY!
HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, making it weaker and you more vulnerable to disease and infection.  I know for sure, a lot of people do not know there is a difference between HIV & AIDS, they are not one in the same.  HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  You are considered to have AIDS once your body reaches a point where it can no longer fight off disease.  There is currently no cure for HIV but there is treatment that allows some people to live comfortable lives.  There are three main ways HIV can be passed from one individual to another, they are 1. Infected Blood, 2. Semen, 3. Vaginal fluids or Breast Milk.  These passageways are why the use of drugs and unprotected sex are frowned upon.
The official World Aids Day website gives 5 tips on how you can respect and protect ourselves and others from the spread of HIV AIDS.
1. Find out facts about AIDS, know the truth, whats myth and what is fact
3. Talk to all new sexual partners about using protection during any & all sexual acts
4. If anyone tells you they are HIV positive treat them with RESPECT & do not share with
    others unless they give you permission
5. Wear a RED RIBBON  as a symbol of your support for everyone affected by HIV to raise
This topic is slightly addressed in a popular recent movie release, that is currently in theaters.  HIV is no joke.  Most of us know someone affected by the disease, or knows someone who knows someone that is or was affected by it.  Honor the day TOMORROW, WEAR RED RIBBON OR A RED SHIRT & educate someone else.  Share this article/site or send them to for more information and stories from real people living with HIV.