Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shaq pays for slain 5 year old's Funeral

"I was sitting at home watching it on the news and the story brought a tear to my eye."
NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, of the Cleveland Cavaliers gave the above statement when asked why he decided to help pay for funeral expenses for 5 year old Shaniya Davis.  O'Neal got in touch with the family and asked how he could help.
Shaniya Davis was the five year old found slain on the side of the road on Novemeber 16, 2009.  Davis's mother has been charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution.  She is believed to have sold her daughter to a man by the name of Mario McNeil, who is being charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of young Shaniya Davis.
Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya Davis' father, set up a trust fund in order to raise money for his daughter's funeral.  A spokesman for the funeral home where Davis was prepared, stated that an average child's burial cost around $4,500.  More than 2,000 people attended little Shaniya Davis' funeral.  Just six days before her body was found, her mother called and reported her missing.  Video images of McNeil have surfaced, of him caring Shaniya into a hotel elevator (VERY DISTURBING), while she was alive.
EDITIORS NOTE: was built for stories such as these, to recognize POSITIVE NEWS that may sometimes go un-noticed.  We often talk about the bad/negative things that celebrities do, lets not forget the good they do.  Several athletes and stars work with charitable organizations and have even started and fund their own charities.  One of my favorite books is "Giving" by former President, Bill Clinton.  We all can give and change the world.  it does not have to be large amounts of money, it can be through time, innovative ideas, community service, and/or donation of non perishable items or slightly worn clothes/apparel.  Keep that in mind this holiday season, and even after.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He KiSsEd A GUY & HE....won't ApOloGiZE for it!

Adam Lambert says he will not apologize for his "racy" American Music Awards performance. On Monday, November 22, Lambert, runner-up of last season's American Idol, closed out the AMA show. I remember the show announcer saying before the last commerical break of the show, that Lambert's performance would be one to be REMEMBERED. I recall thinking to myself, "why will it be so memorable?". Now we see why.

Lambert openly admitted he was gay after his season of American Idol ended. A lot of fans thought Lambert really won, there was even a brief call for a recount by some fans. However, Lambert seems to be doing pretty well with an album that dropped on yesterday and a performance on the AMA.

Any who, Lambert's performance included leather, chains, and handcuffs, just to name a few of the props. The show included Lambert dragging a shackled woman across stage, acts of fellatio (oral sex) performed on him by a man, and a kiss between he & his male keyboardist. Lambert states the kiss was "in the moment" and he believes in "artist freedom of expression". In response to his show being edited on the West Coast feed, Lambert believes he is being discrimanted against, because women do these things all the time (I.e. famous Madonna and Britney Spears kiss on MTV awards).

If you recall, Katy Perry sang she "Kissed a girl & she liked it" (hence this blog title) and that song blew up the charts and put her on the map. Is there a double standard in the industry? I admit I was grossed when I saw the fellatio, so much so I didn't even see him kiss the keyboard player, and I didn't want to see Madonna and Britney kiss either. However, I don't remember their being much backlash about it or any request for apologizes from either two. The two shows were also on different networks, which I'm sure had a lot to do with the responses.

What do you think? Are you #teamLambert or do you want an apology?

TURN it UP TUESDAYS : Dirty Money feat. Drake

Ok, so Diddy is back on the music scene and is part of a newly formed group entitled "Dirty Money". The group also consist of Dawn from one of his broken "Making the Band" groups, Danity Kane. Their album is entitled "Last Train to Paris". With this album, Diddy explores his vocal cord usage, buy singing. The group hasn't made a big splash in the music world, as of yet. However, I have heard a couple of nice tracks, including the below featured.

This song is entitled "Hurt" and features Drake. Pretty much anything with a Drake feature is hot now a days. The lyrics are quite powerful. They reflect on a relationship in which one partner is giving their all and in returning receiving nothing. We all can relate to that feeling. Below is the track, hope you enjoy. As always share your comments.