Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michael Jackson : Is this Really IT?

Tomorrow is the big day (for some lucky viewers today), the most anticipated movie of the year since the untimely death of the "King of Pop".  Michael Jackson "This is It" is set to be released in Theaters everywhere for two weeks only on October 28, 2009.  The movie is a compilation of Jackson's last days as he prepared for his final tour of his career.  Jackson decided to embark on this final tour to show his beloved children the craft that he so LOVED.  He wanted his children to be able to witness his genius in person, for themselves.  Unfortunately, that wont happen.  However, this lovely movie did capture some rehearsals, that will also portray how much Jackson loved to Master his craft. 
A Genius.....A Perfectionist.....
The album also set to be released, is a companion piece to the Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie and features the music that inspired the film, demo recordings and two versions of the previously unreleased song, "This Is It".
Below is a link to hear and download Michael's latest released single "This is It"
Below is a picture of my FAVORITE Michael Jackson (Of course I Loved them ALL)

Did you see the film?  Leave your comments below and share your fondest memories of the movie, the music, and the MAN!
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TURN it UP Tuesdays

Christina Milian feat. The Dream "Supersonic"

Say what you want about these two, but if you are a fan of the Dream, I assure you he is going to take care of his girl. And if Christina wants to sing, well darn it, Dream is going to make it happen. He has lent his expertise penning hits for several of your favorite entertainers, including himself. Its only fitting that he set the standard for his new Wife and Mother of his future child.

As a music fanatic, I thought it appropriate to share with you some tracks that I may love that may not yet be in heavy rotation, or known for that matter. Trust me, I have a pretty good ear for the hits, Stevie Wonder being my favorite artists, you know I cant go wrong. Each week I will do an edition entitled "Turn it Up Tuesdays".

Look forward to hearing new music, a hit that you are not currently hearing on the radio, but should not be slept on.
This track is sexy with a bounce. Hope you enjoy!
The following link will take you to a site to listen as well as download the new track "Supersonic"