Saturday, October 17, 2009

CROSSdressing / Upholding the Legacy

As a proud student of the Atlanta University Center (a consortium of schools that include Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University, of which are so close they share the same library), I am particularly attracted to the current debate going on at Morehouse College. Recently the school launched its "Appropriate Attire Policy". this policy has caught national attention due to a clause that specifically bans the wearing of "women's clothes, makeup, high heels, and purses..". This policy is a new attempt to address ALL inappropriate attire. It also bans "the wearing of hats in buildings, pajamas in public, sunglasses in buildings, and etc."

If you frequent Atlanta, GA, you are probably well aware of its growing GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, & Transgender) community. And, if you have your eyes open to pop culture, I am also sure you are aware of the growing acceptance of the GLBT community, such as the acceptance of gay marriage in some states, the entrance of "Vogue Evolution" on America's Best Dance Crew, and the popularity of Dwight of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (pictured above on left, taken from ESSENCE magazine). This growing acceptance has crossed over into our educational institutions. Is this a bad thing?

Morehouse, an all male HBCU, has several notable Alum, including the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is consider amongst the community as the "Ivy League" of Historically Black Colleges & Universities. One student of the college insists that Morehouse College has "a legacy that we are trying to uphold". Therefore he agrees with the current policy in place. Some students are in limbo, and do not agree with some of the policy, as far as how students are allowed to dress on the campus outside of the classrooms. The college confirms that is was only a handful of students that dressed according to their GLBT lifestyles, and admits that students who do not adhere to the new rules will not be allowed in class and if a repeat offender, you will be subject to suspension.

As an Alum of Spelman College, I know how important the traditions are. For Graduation we ALL had to wear flesh tone hosiery and black closed toe shoes with WHITE dresses. I wasn't to happy about it, but I could set aside my selfishness for THREE DAYS to uphold a magnificent tradition of educated Black Women who came before me, but what about an entire school year, or four?

Being of the AUC, I cant imagine how my professors would react if a Morehouse student attended class (students frequently take classes at all three institutions throughout their matriculation) in heels, red lipstick, and a gucci bag, let alone the male professors at Morehouse College (I have one in particular in mind). I wonder if the other schools of the AUC are adhering to this policy? Can a Morehouse student take all their classes at Spelman (which I encouraged my Morehouse brothers to do, because you get 4 credits/class rather than 3 at Morehouse), and dress as they would on Morehouse Campus before this initiative was passed? For those of you who are currently in school, would a cross-dressing student distract you from obtaining your education. For those of you who are in the work field, would you hire an educated Black man that wore heels to a job interview? How much is too much? You have to draw the line somewhere right? But where?

Share your thoughts, you do not have to be a member of blogspot to comment. ALL point of views are welcome and appreciated.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AMBITIOUS : 1st Feature

As you know, or as you should be able to tell by now, my blog focuses on positivity within the young African American Community. Although some discussions may seem controversial at times, it is also designed to nurture critical thinking. With that said, from time to time I will be highlighting young individuals that are doing positive noteworthy things in their lives as well as their communities. We all are a part of one world, with our own unique ambitions, striving for success. Our paths are different but our goals of successful individuality are one in the same.

My first highlighted young individual is a friend of mine, by the name of Jordan Ware. He is my fellow AUC Graduate & Morehouse Brother. Check out how J.O. inspires those around him, with his "Feel Good" Music.

Sharing our stories is one way we can inspire & motivate others. Here are a few words from J.O. An introduction to "the man"...if you will.

What inspired you to do music?

"My mother was always in music, ranging from Broadway, tv, and film (Sweet Honey in the Rock). Her influence was and still is undeniable. Funny enough, my mother used to play violin. But, specifically when I was in the first grade (wow), I saw my friends in a violin program at school. I wanted to try out. I was like "if they can do it, why can't I?" So after getting turned down, because of it being too late in the school year, I tried again the next year. From that point on it was History."

What is your next goal? What are your aspirations?

"I want to keep banging out this feel good music. I feel like my music definitely has that chill vibe, you know? I want grammys, and I know I'm going to get to that stage. Whether its violin, production,or songwriting. The Sky is the limit.....there aren't too many people that can do what I do. Because I do it so well, I stand out from the rest. Like a diamond in the feel me?

What makes you Ambitious?

"Life makes me ambitious. The fact that I have the opportunity to affect people by thoughts alone, is something powerful. The more people I effect, the more ambitious I become. If I perform, and you are affected by it, I'm going to BRING IT ten times HARDER! That's how I operate.

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5 Star Chick...Any Exceptions?

So what is a 5 star chick exactly? If you are a five star chick or the “owner” of one, I really need you to comment on this one. Of course the track is on fiyah right now, and as any popular song you have some strong followers. Some women are claiming to be “that” chick, and some guys are accepting 5 stars and nothing less. Are there any exceptions to how many stars are acceptable?

Lets examine the lyrics. Here is the list of things that makes one a FIVE STAR Chick
1. Look like you stepped out a magazine
2. High Credit Score
3. Juice Box “wet”
4. Fiyah “Head”
5. Nails stay fly
6. Natural Born Hustler
7. Raise your kids on your own
8. Went to college, interned, and now works
9. Real Louis V. & Gucci Bags
10. Can count the number of your sexual partners on one hand

And for the fellas, you have a five star chick if you are willing to pay all her bills & rent.

Now how many women have all or have done all the things on this list? How many men will pay a woman’s rent and bills if she has all of these things? Let me know, because I’m pretty close. Close, but not the complete list, and that’s just being real. With that being the case, how many stars are acceptable for a lady to dance to this song? What if at one point a chick had all five stars and lost one due to the recession? ( lol) What if she has three and a half stars, working her way to five stars? For example, what if you met the perfect chick, looks like a model, nice nails, attitude of a hustler with good credit, BUT she never completed college? You met the perfect lady, graduated college, great job & a single parent, with perfect sex, and she tells you she has had plenty of experience in the “sex department”. She has had more partners than you can count on one hand. Is that a deal breaker? Or, you don’t care if she was a prostitute and she hit every man that she ever knew, would it make a difference because it was way before you?

Of course in reality we don’t expect our partners to be perfect. Or do we? Are we in pursuit of someone with all five stars? If you are one of the rare people who has all five stars, are you complete,is there anything else to strive for? Oh yea, what if you have more than five stars??? You're probably too good to be true...or real for that matter.

How many stars do you have ladies? If i were you, i'd still dance when the track comes on, maybe get a drink or two out of it. :)

FYI: the following is the second of a series of topics entitled “Crack those Lyrics”. The below views are not a representation of feelings or opinions against the artists of the songs. Music is made primarily for entertainment. The purpose of blogging is to generate conversation and examine how the lyrics relate to modern day “real life” issues. Please feel free to share your comments without fear of judgement.

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