Saturday, October 10, 2009


"We are known for our service, what the HELL do you do?"

I wear the proud colors of Maroon & white on my black sorority jacket, but Im not a Delta. Who am I?

I am a proud member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, National Service Sorority Inc. Founded in 1952 on prominent University campuses such as Boston University, New York University, Brooklyn College, and Drexel Institute of Technology...just to name a few. This sorority is multi-cultural and founded on the principles of service, friendship, and equality. We gather in the spirit of helping others. This month we will be celebrating our Founder's Day!

A lot of my peers are not familiar with this organization, although they are found on several of our college campuses. I pledged and crossed at Spelman College,a chapter of which some of its founding members came from Clark-Atlanta University. There are also active chapters at some of our HBCU's and local universities such as Howard University, Florida A&M, University of Tennessee, Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Austin Peay, and Georgia State, just to name a few. Although, I am fond of my pan-hellenic sorority and fraternities, some of whom members, are also members of Gamma Sigma Sigma, National Service Sorority Inc. (My own aunt is actually a member of both Gamma Sigma Sigma.. & Delta Sigma Theta), I wanted to shed light onto other options. We are deeply rooted in the passion of service,(as well as the nature of the pan-hell fraternities). This foundation is nurtured throughout your college matriculation and therefore carried over into your post graduate life.

My primary reason for my blogs is to bring social awareness into our African American communities. So many negative things are going on in the world, so very often you will read stories of a positive nature. No doubt there will be negativity and controversy, just to train our minds for critical thinking.

With that said, I want to know what you are doing as a young African American to bring social awareness to your neighborhood. What positive things are you doing with the youth in your community. What kind of role model are you. A lot of us are "about that money", that's cool and all, but bring someone up with you! It will make our communities, our world A BETTER PLACE!



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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Issues with the Body

Serena Williams is a BEAST! I love her. She recently graced the cover of one of the "Body Issue"s for ESPN Magazine. She expressed, during the interview for this ESPN issue, that she "hates her thighs" and that she thinks her arms are "too big". Serena, as in several interviews including her own book ("On the Line"), addresses the issues she has with her body. She has always candidly spoke about issues with her body. Her thighs being the cornerstone of all those discussions. Her thighs, of all things, is what she despises the most. Her thighs, of all things, is what I love most about her physical makeup.

I think her legs are absolutely wonderful. She is an athlete, but both ON & OFF the court Serena is the perfect display of femininity. Serena is known for her selection of outfits during her tennis matches, most famously a black cat suit that perfectly displayed her BOOTAY. Serena decided to launch her own line of fashion; entitled Aneres (Serena spelled backwards). She has decided to embrace her insecurities (to the best of her ability) and in turn has begun to capitalize off of them( i.e. her book & clothing line). Not only is she a very talented and successful athlete, she is also an entrepreneur.

Are there some things you don't like about your body? Are there some things you once did not like, but now currently adore? What do you think is your best feature? Your worst? Have you ever been complimented on one of the features you hate most about your body?

I was shocked to hear that Serena did not like her body. We all have our insecurities, whether we want to admit them or not. To me Serena represents the "thicker" women, the "Brickhouses" of the world. So often the covers of magazines are graced by the "skinny" women, the "model thins" if you will. Not to say that there is anything wrong with being skinny, but everyone doesn't look their best "skinny" along with all the other features they may have.

Over the years I too have begun to embrace my body. I always thought I was "too big" or "fat". Ive always been bigger than my peers. However, guys would always say & currently do now, that I am the perfect shape. Now when I look back at pictures of myself I wish I could go back there, lol. (NOT THAT IM NOT CURRENTLY SEXY) I was just somewhat smaller, during my high school athletic days & even my first two years of college, very shapely. It was not until I was physically assaulted ,while working out during my junior year of college, that I stopped working out. Any who....that is a story for another time. I am currently back in the gym. BUT I adore my current shape & size, I think it demands attention and my presence is undeniable when I enter a room. (I too have "thick legs" that I LOVE TO SHOW OFF!!) Not only because of my shape, but because of the way I carry myself. I can tell a difference in how I feel after i work out and then get dressed to go out on the town. I feel extremely sexy and confident. This is the attitude I like and want to display on a daily basis. Its not always easy, sometimes I think I look a hot mess, lol.

But that's ok, I'm always still in my OWN skin and can do something about what I don't like. Isn't that ALWAYS the bright side of our flaws, that they are OUR flaws? We have the power to change, accept, replace, enhance, and in some instances remove what some would believe to be a part of a flawed outward appearance. We only have our own personal flaws to deal with. You don't have to be concerned about the guy that weighs 500lbs, the lady with the belly over her belt, the woman with the big FIVEHEAD, or the man with the boobs, because its not your problem. Or maybe one of them is your problem, but I doubt they all are. So we only have to be concerned about what we look in the mirror everyday and see in ourselves, and then decide what to do for ourselves, and no one else. So what's the issue?

me out recently with my big legs, dancing as if no one was watching....thats how I get DOWN!!

Leave a comment, you can also post a picture of your body.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NOT signing any D*MN Papers!!

What could David Letterman & Usher possibly have in common, other than their celebrity status? Both are "currently married" NEWLYWEDS at that. Letterman finally recently married a lady he dated for 20 years. Usher hasn't been married more years than he has children (2). Usher is currently in the midst of a divorce & Letterman is in the midst of an extortion case. Which do you think is worse?

Letterman was recently "black balled" into admitting he had sexual relations with women EMPLOYED on his television show staff, while he was in a relationship with his now current wife. Someone that knew Letterman's dirty work threatened to make a screen play airing all of Letterman's dirty laundry. Letterman decided he would rather publicly confess & snitch on his extortionist than suffer public scrutiny by the hands of another.

Meanwhile, seems like Usher is about to have a #1 single on the billboard chart. His newest single "papers" is getting a lot of buzz! He seems to ALSO be airing his own dirty laundry. Here are a few lines from the lyrics...."Only time you are here for me is when the bottles are poppin and everything is alright......I'm tired of sleeping in the other room (SMH).....I done damn near lost my momma....I've turned into the man I've never thought I would...Ready to sign them PAPERS". Usher then goes further to say "I can't deny I Love you".

I guess...."What's love got to do with it?" You are married, with children, and you love her...but you've had enough in less than a couple of years and you're ready to sign "them papers". What is Usher to do??? Fight for his marriage, for his LOVE (that he can't deny), for his family (he had spread across the cover of Essence/Ebony)? Or sign them papers because his mom never approved and his friends can't recognize him, and because he's turned into the "family man" that he sang so lovely about on his last album?

What's the difference between Letterman and Usher? Letterman says his wife is very hurt by this recent surge of information and that he "has his work cut out for him" to work on repairing his marriage. He even joke about it on the taping of this Monday's "Late show". Not saying that Usher did not try to work on his marriage, he could've had issues from the jump...ya know in between babies. All we can go on is what the entertainers decide to put out there for us to go off on. I wish both men & women much love & happiness.

Do you still believe in Magic...I mean Marriage??!? I am currently single (happily single) but I guess...I mean I think I still believe in a Happily Ever After!! Even being from a broken home I grew up with married Aunts & Uncles. You may still have your grandparents who have been married forever with 10 children :). That's a kind of Love I want to believe in. And I will take my time to find it. Call me old fashion. TRUE STORY, I had a guy friend I knew for over a year. We would kick it off & on. About two weeks after our last visit he was tagged in wedding pictures on Facebook. HIS OWN wedding with a pregnant wife. I felt sooo bad, not for me, but for his wife. I don't know maybe it took only about two weeks to plan the wedding ( I have an issue with trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt).

Do you believe True love still exsisit? Is there a sanctity of marriage? Is it still relevant in our society or is a "try" a "try" , a divorce is a divorce? As we may have grown up with grandparents/parents with 50 year wedding anniversaries our younger generations is singing "Sign them papers". Will you be ready to sign those papers when its your turn? What are you doing to avoid those papers? Can you even avoid the papers? Hell some people get married just for those papers (green papers *cough Khole*)

I don't know, love is a crazy thing! As for me ill sing Chrisette Michele "Golden" until I think I've figured it out. "Be the man of my dreams and get down on one knee love..ill be everything that this woman could possibly be, cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when comittment was GOLDEN...NO typical American shady LOVE"

Are you in LOVE? Id love to hear about it. Inspire me & someone else...comment.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twitter to Death

I am sure most of you, if not all, are aware of the recent murder of Kandi's, from Real House Wives of Atlanta's, fiance AJ. He died from a blow to the head during a fight outside a strip club. ***SENSELESS CRIME IS SO SAD*** This guy had 6 children, who are now father less. Upon reviewing recent articles on this incident on the net I read several comments the general internet public wrote in response to Kandi's actions following the death of AJ.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it rapidly advances day by day. I cant imagine how my children will be able to communicate with their peers in the year 2030. Twitter is a new social site that allows the general population to communicate not only with their peers but with cross country friends, politicans, entertainers, and motivators in an instant, all at the click of a "tweet". I was skeptical to join (as I always am resistant to change, I always have to do my research first....little habit of mine)at first. Now I "tweet" everyday and am able to keep up with the people I am truly interested in and communicate with my best buds. Where as before, we would hardly ever talk. I LOVE IT! I am also able to freely voice my opinion for the entire world to see, even certain politicians I dont agree with (oooohhhh I LOVE THAT). Anywho....Kandi is an enteratiner who uses twitter to communicate with her fans as well as her fellow entertainers. The same night the news broke of AJ's death, Kandi was on twitter. check out the tweets below...

im just in one of those moods where i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna b held & told its gonna b ok. i just wanna cry myself 2 sleep, alone.
1:02 AM Oct 3rd from web I could never n a million years imagine this happening. please pray for AJ's children. that's who im the most concerned 4.
1:00 AM Oct 3rd from web im bout 2 giv my swollen eyes sum rest now. i just wanted to say thanks 2 every1 for their prayers. i gotta get up & go 2 my uncle's funeral
12:56 AM Oct 3rd from web

This seemed to upset a lot of people. How can someone be on "twitter" after hearing about the death of their fiance??? Did she loose her morals? Does she have any morals? What was she thinking? Is she using his death to gain more "followers" by tweeting during this tragic time? <<<<
I dont see what the big deal is, with Kandi being on twitter. Im sure she got flooded with tweet condolances. Who is to say she didnt have her twitter account notifications set where her phone rings every time she gets a new follower? (you know everyone became a fan then..smh nosey) Or that her phone didnt buzz everytime someone mentioned her name on twitter? Werent you the same person glued to the tv waiting for Jermaine or Janet to confirm or make a statement when M.J. passed? Like I said, twitter is just that, technology that allows us to connect more quickly and easily. If your favorite twitter peep doesnt respond when you send them a "tweet" how do you feel?

Im anxious to hear other people's opinions on this topic. You may feel totally different than me & believe Kandi was wrong for being on twitter. BY ALL MEANS PLEASE SHARE! What are the twitter rules? Are there some twitter by-laws? Are there some unspoken rules on when you should and should not tweet? If so? Who the hell made the rules up? Let me know so I can be sure not to follow them!



October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month is celebrated in honor of Breast Cancer surviors, as well as those who have gone before us due to this condition. This month is "celebrating 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment". My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, so this is a subject matter that is near and dear to my heart. Do you know any victims of breast cancer or anyone suffering from cancer? I am a firm believer that a majority of "our people" do not do better because they DON'T know better (i.e. this is the exact definition of ignorant, an adjective that most people do not want used to describe their character, when in reality we are all ignorant on some subject, one or another). Therefore, Knowledge is POWER, share what you know.

I encourage you to review the National Breast Cancer Awareness website to educate yourselves on the subject. For instance, did you know that there are four primary stages of Breast cancer? Breast examinations are directly tied to this fact, the more frequently you have your breast exam, the higher the percentage of detecting breast cancer at an early stage for treatment, which in turn increases your chance for successful breast cancer survival.

Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, however it is most common in women. Breast cancer is simply a cancer that forms in the cells of breast (so watch those man boobs).

I took this picture at work earlier last week. Some employees at my job raised awareness and funds for breast cancer research by simply selling PINK balloons for $1. Participants were able to honor their love ones and raise awareness by releasing all the pink balloons. Some balloons had names and special messages written on them. I wrote in memory of my grandma, Martha McCray. Who knows where all, or any of those balloons landed, but hopefully just one balloon landed in the lap of at least one person, who was not aware of how breast cancer affects the world.

Post your comment, who knows how your story could affect the world :)

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