Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Love Story with the Obamas

Yesterday Oprah debuted a Primetime Special, Christmas with the Obamas. Oprah sat down with the first couple to sit down and discuss their experience thus far as the First Couple of the United States. Below is a snippet of the interview, where President and First Lady Obama discuss their marriage and family life before they were famous, compared to now.

Watching these two definitely brings me joy and aspiration, exactly what the holidays are about. It gives me great joy to witness the bond they share in this day and age as the first African-American first family. It gives me aspiration that true love still exists. Its not sugarcoated and its not surreal, their union, their bond, their relationship before and now, is REAL, and when its GENUINE, you know for sure its Real.

I think I can watch just this snippet from time to time, whenever I may seem to feel tired and hopeless. Just as the Obamas said, where they are now did not come easily, there was struggle. It just comes to show, how are not defined by our tribulations, but how they are meant to make us stronger. Although, we may not all be the President of the United States of America in our lifetime, we do have a defined destiny of our own that will eventually manifest itself. Lets take hold of the joy this holiday season and use it to power our dreams and go forward to live out our destiny!

Happy Holidays!!

Please share your thoughts and comments, by clicking on the comment link below. How did you feel upon watching this video clip? Are you now just as joyous as I?


  1. I love the interview. It helped me to get in the holiday spirit even in the mist of all that is sround me :)

  2. I tuned in last night to watch and loved it. I love watching the President and First Lady interacting on a more personal level....they make you want what they have :) The gingerbread White House was amazing too!!!

  3. You betta say that Relle... I just LOVE the Obama's. They are a beautiful couple and Michelle is the PERFECT woman for Barack and she compliments him well. Love it! I'm about to see if I can find the full interview somewhere!! ;-)