Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Wrap UP

Skillz 2009 Wrap up!

I think we pretty much on the same page with the happenings of 2009. Create your own wrap-up below, by answering the questions & posting in the comments.

Ok Below is my 2009 wrap up questionaire. Its just for fun, some questions are direct and some are indirect. Eitherway you have to choose ONE answer. Feel free to express your reasoning for answer choices if you like. You definitely do not have to explain your answers tho. This activity is for fun, so you can get to know some of the blogs readers and see how other people felt about certain events this year. Enjoy! I have already posted my answers as a comment if you would like to see.

1. Brown or Fenty

2. Cheat or "Put a Ring on It"

3. B.E.T. Hip Hop awards or Soul Train

4. Micheal Jackson or Brittany Murphy

5. Pleasure P or Pretty Ricky

6. Jay Z or Gucci Mane

7. Prison or Freedom

8. Kanye or Taylor Swift

9. Golf Club or Steering wheel

10. Trey Songz or R.Kelly

11. T-Mobile or Sprint

12. Twitter or Facebook

13. Oprah or Tyra

14. Obama or Palin

15. Hip Hop Dead or Alive

16. Que or Day 26

17. Lace front or Bald Head

18. Droid or I-Phone

19. Job or Unemployment Check

20. Adam Lambert or Censorship

21. Jon & Kate plus 8 or The Kardashians

22. TalkstillCheap.com or Mediatakeout.com

More to come in 2010! Bigger and better & more frequent!! I hope you come along with me. Follow this blog and follow me on twitter.com/RelleisAllthaT

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  1. Here are my answers

    1. Fenty
    2. "Put a Ring on It"
    3. Soul Train awards
    4. Michael Jackson
    5. Pleasure P
    6. Jay Z
    7. Freedom
    8. Kanye
    9. Golf Club
    10. Trey Songz
    11. T-Mobile (im loyal id have my phone go down for a couple hours one day than drop calls at anytime ..just sayin)
    12. Twitter
    13. Oprah
    14. Obama
    15. Alive
    16. Day 26
    17. Bald Head
    18. Droid
    19. Job
    20. Censorship
    21. Jon & Kate plus 8

  2. 1. Fenty (i'd pick neither if I could
    2. "Put a Ring on it"
    3. Soul Train Awards (I watch it over and over)
    4. Michael Jackson
    5. Pleasure P (OMG, I saw pretty ricky on the Monique Show, and OH NO!)
    6. Gucci
    8.Taylor Swift
    9. GOLF CLUB!!!!
    10. Trey Songz
    11. T-Mobile
    12. Facebook
    13. Tyra (but u should've put Wendy Williams)
    14. Obama
    15. Alive
    16. Day 26
    17. Lace Front
    18. I-Phone
    19. Job
    20. Censorship
    21. John and Kate + 8
    22. Talkstillcheap.com

  3. 1. Fenty i guess, really whoever gets the phone first, LOL
    2. Put a Ring on it
    3. BET Hip Hop Awards
    4. Michael Jackson
    5. Neither
    6. Jay-Z, no contest
    7. Freedom
    8. Kanye
    9. steering wheel
    10. R. Kelly
    11. Sprint
    12. Facebook
    13. Oprah
    14. Obama
    15. Alive
    16. Who cares? Not me...
    17. Don't know but its funny either way
    18. Neither, i have a Palm Pre
    19. Job of course
    20. Who?
    21. Neither, both shows suck
    22. Dont really use either