Monday, November 30, 2009


"Understanding the facts is the key to fighting prejudice and protecting yourself and others"   December 1st is recognized as WORLD AIDS DAY!
HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, making it weaker and you more vulnerable to disease and infection.  I know for sure, a lot of people do not know there is a difference between HIV & AIDS, they are not one in the same.  HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  You are considered to have AIDS once your body reaches a point where it can no longer fight off disease.  There is currently no cure for HIV but there is treatment that allows some people to live comfortable lives.  There are three main ways HIV can be passed from one individual to another, they are 1. Infected Blood, 2. Semen, 3. Vaginal fluids or Breast Milk.  These passageways are why the use of drugs and unprotected sex are frowned upon.
The official World Aids Day website gives 5 tips on how you can respect and protect ourselves and others from the spread of HIV AIDS.
1. Find out facts about AIDS, know the truth, whats myth and what is fact
3. Talk to all new sexual partners about using protection during any & all sexual acts
4. If anyone tells you they are HIV positive treat them with RESPECT & do not share with
    others unless they give you permission
5. Wear a RED RIBBON  as a symbol of your support for everyone affected by HIV to raise
This topic is slightly addressed in a popular recent movie release, that is currently in theaters.  HIV is no joke.  Most of us know someone affected by the disease, or knows someone who knows someone that is or was affected by it.  Honor the day TOMORROW, WEAR RED RIBBON OR A RED SHIRT & educate someone else.  Share this article/site or send them to for more information and stories from real people living with HIV.


  1. Girl.. this is a scary topic! Not that I'm scared of individuals with the virus or full blown HIV, its just knowing that it could literally happen to any of us! Do you remember that young black girl that was dating this older guy and she said she just felt loved with him. She said she mentioned using a condom and he said there was no need. She later found out she had HIV and he knew the whole time. Some people think you have to have sex with a lot of people to get it, NEGATIVE!!! It only takes ONE! I hope people learn to accept people with the disease and stop treating them as if they did something wrong or they're contagious. It's sad! Good write up chica!!

  2. Yes.. this was a well needed blog.. there are soo many people out here that do NOT know FACTS about AIDS or HIV and are going around thinking that it connot happen to them.. but the reality of the situation is that it can happen to any 1 of us if we are not well educated and protect ourselves.. then there are some people that just want to avoid the issue all together. This is sonmething that everyone needs to know about and stop acting so DUMB to the issue.. AIDS and HIV are so big in the black community and there needs to be something done about this.. please please people go get tested even if u have just been with 1 person for years u still can have the disease and not know it.. this is soo serious.. also in the "gay" community it is very wide spread.. I dnt care what ur sexual orientation is u can be gay or straight black or white male or female young or old... ANYONE CAN GET THIS.. for all u people out there KNOW YOUR STATUS FOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for all u people thay have it out here reading this in cyber world. TELL THESE FOLKS U FUCKIN WIT...WRAP THAT SHIT UP... and STOP BEING BITTER AND EVIL and spreading it around cause u dnt give a fuck... GREAT BLOG RELLE....