Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TURN it UP Tuesdays : Double Feature

This week's Turn it up Tuesday artists made headlines last week for interviews speaking out on their domestic violence situation. Rihanna spoke about the altercation to the press for the first time during a two part interview on 20/20. In the interview she spoke about how she felt when the photo of her leaked after her altercation with Chris Brown. She spoke about how she felt towards him before, after, and now. Although she states she currently does not have any interests in being with Chris, she admits she can not tell the future and say she will NEVER be with him again. I applaud Rihanna for breaking her silence, regardless of what she said and how we as fans feel, at least she spoke out AGAINST domestic violence situations.

Below is a single supposedly from her up and coming album "Rated R". The track is entitled "Hard" and features Jeezy. The lyrics display the same mood as "Diva" by Beyonce. Rihanna sings about being the "baddest b*tch in heels", and insists that no one can take her crown. I apologize that you can not play the song directly on the site, but if you click the below link you can listen, as well as download the track.

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Next is a track leaked of Chris Brown. I am uncertain if this will be on his next album "Graffiti". Brown has released a couple of statements in response to Rihanna's interview. He expresses his belief in the details of the matter remaining private. Both He and Rihanna wished each other much success in their music careers and in life.

The below track is entitled "Crawl", which supposedly reflects his feelings for Rihanna and a wishfulness to get back together with her. I think the song is beautiful and think the fans would like to hear what both Brown and Rihanna will have to say in their new albums. Rihanna has already stated some tracks reflect how she felt through the entire ordeal, and from the sounds of this track, Brown put his feelings to music too. Take a listen for yourself by clicking the below music player.


Stay tuned each Tuesday for new music not in normal rotation on your local radio stations, and to get a little info about the artists releasing the music.

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  1. I think this song is great. I have enjoyed all your "Turn it up Tuesday's" so far. Keep up the good work keeping and old lady like me informed LOL.