Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skin Alteration, What's Next?

Sammy Sosa has made headlines this week with the revealing of his new appearance. The former Chicago Cubs baseball player now has a noticeably lighter skin tone. He admits to using skin cream. Sosa stated he used the cream to treat the aging of his skin, and in turn his complexion lightened. He is surprised by the attention the photo of him at the Latin awards his sparked. He claims he is NOT trying to resemble Michael Jackson and is not suffering from any skin disease. Sosa was also photoed with colored contacts, which he states he was wearing just "to try something different". He insists he is not a racist but a very happy man.

Sosa admits that the rest of his body is not as lightly colored, which would only be right if he only applied the cream to his face. In a turn of events, Sosa is reportedly set to endorse the cream, which is of European origin. You would only endorse a product if you are happy with its results, right? Sosa contributed the color change to exposure to sun light and light from camera flashes. This would insists that the use of the cream was not intended for skin discoloration.

The cream was originally used to soften aging skin, to make it appear younger and fresher. If a cream did that, plus changed the complexion of your skin without your desire for it to change, what would you do? Endorse or Sue? Sosa has not released the name of the product, but if he endorses it the name of the cream and its purpose will soon come to light.

What do you think about people changing the complexion of their skin? Among all the physical alterations one can now afford to physically change about themselves, is there a difference between those and skin color alteration?

Share your thoughts on Sosa and drastically altering your physical appearance.


  1. Sammy is a clown. When they asked him about steroids, he all of a sudden spoke nor understood english. Now, he comes out looking like...i dont even know what he looks like. I think he did it intentionally.


  2. That stupid to bleach your skin but hey if he love it i guess...nice blog tho check out mines and if you like it follow me

  3. I think its some BULLSHIT lol. It just goes to show how people can really be that unhappy with "the skin they're in".. So now he has to wear long sleeves shirts and pants for the rest of his life, right? Cuz if he THINKS the public has been gettin in his azz now, wait until they see him with his regular color skin at the bottom and that powder puff azz face. I cant understand why folks think being light skinned is so important! That ish is hella stupid to me!! ughhh