Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shaq pays for slain 5 year old's Funeral

"I was sitting at home watching it on the news and the story brought a tear to my eye."
NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, of the Cleveland Cavaliers gave the above statement when asked why he decided to help pay for funeral expenses for 5 year old Shaniya Davis.  O'Neal got in touch with the family and asked how he could help.
Shaniya Davis was the five year old found slain on the side of the road on Novemeber 16, 2009.  Davis's mother has been charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution.  She is believed to have sold her daughter to a man by the name of Mario McNeil, who is being charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of young Shaniya Davis.
Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya Davis' father, set up a trust fund in order to raise money for his daughter's funeral.  A spokesman for the funeral home where Davis was prepared, stated that an average child's burial cost around $4,500.  More than 2,000 people attended little Shaniya Davis' funeral.  Just six days before her body was found, her mother called and reported her missing.  Video images of McNeil have surfaced, of him caring Shaniya into a hotel elevator (VERY DISTURBING), while she was alive.
EDITIORS NOTE: was built for stories such as these, to recognize POSITIVE NEWS that may sometimes go un-noticed.  We often talk about the bad/negative things that celebrities do, lets not forget the good they do.  Several athletes and stars work with charitable organizations and have even started and fund their own charities.  One of my favorite books is "Giving" by former President, Bill Clinton.  We all can give and change the world.  it does not have to be large amounts of money, it can be through time, innovative ideas, community service, and/or donation of non perishable items or slightly worn clothes/apparel.  Keep that in mind this holiday season, and even after.
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  1. Omggggg..... this just goes to show how I have been running around and haven't had time to look @ any news.. I knew about the death of this beautiful little girl but I didn't know that shaq wanted to pay for the funeral.. this was a very very disturbing story and I felt soooo bad after seeing it on tv.. I have a small daughter myself so this really hit close to home.. I think that little girls mother and the man that did this to her should get the worst punishment in history.. this is soo sick.. how could u love your child and. Just give her away to someone to do GOD knows WHAT to?? This childs mother is a sick individual a should be stoned in my opinion... this is sooo sad.. and to the fucked up man that did this to that little girl.. omg.. damn broah u couldn't get anyone to get ur lil stank rocks off on?? U have to go and hurt a poor little 5 year old girl.?? Wtf were u thinking dude?? No better yet u couldn't have been thinkin?? Naw fuck that wtf were u thinking??? Damn there are some sick sick sick sick people in this world.. my heart goes out to the family of this beautiful lil angel and I can only imagine the hurt and pain that her father feels.. he has been taking care of her for all that time and wanted to give that low life of a mother a chance to be in her childs life and she went and did some stuff like that.. ummmmm.. it just burns me up inside when I think about that... some people just are not ment to have children I mean if u don't want them when u have them give them to some1 that does and leave them there they will be better off... sorry I'm venting but this hit soo close to home cause I have a small child as I stated before and I would go damn crazy if anything happened to her like that.. for all u parents out there keep ur kids close and keep the ppl they interact with even closer u neva know wht people may do.. and to shaq I think that was a very good thing that he did and I know the family is truly greatful.. and to that stupid B^tCH of a mother and that sick ass fuzzzy head ass low life of a man I hope they get what. They deserve and that still wouldn't be enough in my book