Sunday, November 8, 2009


Breaking down the Health care reform.....

"For years we've been told that it can't be done.  But last night the House proved different."

President Obama made the above statement today, in regards to the house's passing of legislation on November 7, 2009.  This health care reform allows for more government control over the health care system.  In order to easier understand how you may be affected by the health care reform, I have comprised a list of some of its key features below.
  •   Regulated Health Care Market for Consumers to "SHOP" for Health Coverage
  •   Most Americans will carry insurance
  •   Federal subsidies provided to customers who can not afford insurance
  •   Large companies will have to offer health insurance to all employees  
  •   Denial of coverage due to medical conditions BANNED
  •   NO more higher insurance premiums on the basis of gender and age 
  •   Government will sell insurance (although premiums may be higher than private  companies     
The legislation barely passed in the house 220-215 votes.  This is a triumphant win for the House of Representatives, especially House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (A WOMAN).  The legislation now has to pass in the Senate, which is facing extreme opposition, before actually becoming a law if signed by President Obama.
Republicans believe this new reform will lead to big tax increases, raise the rate of insurance and will cost Americans jobs.  However, the Senate has not come together to create their version of a health care reform.
This win comes big for President Obama who has gotten criticism for the push of the new legislation.  But, hold your horses, this thing still has to get a majority vote in the Senate.  Keep your ears open to the debate.

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