Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He KiSsEd A GUY & HE....won't ApOloGiZE for it!

Adam Lambert says he will not apologize for his "racy" American Music Awards performance. On Monday, November 22, Lambert, runner-up of last season's American Idol, closed out the AMA show. I remember the show announcer saying before the last commerical break of the show, that Lambert's performance would be one to be REMEMBERED. I recall thinking to myself, "why will it be so memorable?". Now we see why.

Lambert openly admitted he was gay after his season of American Idol ended. A lot of fans thought Lambert really won, there was even a brief call for a recount by some fans. However, Lambert seems to be doing pretty well with an album that dropped on yesterday and a performance on the AMA.

Any who, Lambert's performance included leather, chains, and handcuffs, just to name a few of the props. The show included Lambert dragging a shackled woman across stage, acts of fellatio (oral sex) performed on him by a man, and a kiss between he & his male keyboardist. Lambert states the kiss was "in the moment" and he believes in "artist freedom of expression". In response to his show being edited on the West Coast feed, Lambert believes he is being discrimanted against, because women do these things all the time (I.e. famous Madonna and Britney Spears kiss on MTV awards).

If you recall, Katy Perry sang she "Kissed a girl & she liked it" (hence this blog title) and that song blew up the charts and put her on the map. Is there a double standard in the industry? I admit I was grossed when I saw the fellatio, so much so I didn't even see him kiss the keyboard player, and I didn't want to see Madonna and Britney kiss either. However, I don't remember their being much backlash about it or any request for apologizes from either two. The two shows were also on different networks, which I'm sure had a lot to do with the responses.

What do you think? Are you #teamLambert or do you want an apology?

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  1. I am on #teamLambert in this scenario for numerous reasons.

    For starters I don't care if you're homo, hetero, or if sex is a NO NO...I don't want to see things like that on TV...esp not at that hour of the day when children are watching... I was watching the AMAs on a 60 inch flat screen in HD with my daughter...you can imagine my embarassment and the necessary explanation that I had to give her after that crap!

    However, if they are going to allow it then it needs to be fair across the board! Like the saying goes, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" and they shouldn't villify Lambert when they condone girl on girl and guy on girl tomfoolery all the daggone time!

    Lamberts show was racy and ridiculous not because he was doing those things with guys but because he was doing them at all! This is a family show...BUT they aren't even in a position to say anything to him because they allow this to go on...when "the powers that be" allow things to trickle in that really shouldn't then they shouldn't be surprised when that little bit they allowed keeps growing and growing until there's this "anything goes" mentality....

    Clearly Lambert thought this was okay because the industry allows these things to go on all the time, as long as they are kept girl on girl or hetero...