Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st of the Month : 1st Edition Nov.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first of the month. Well, I love the first of everything, new month, new year, new birth year, new relationships, & EPIPHANIES that equate new ways of thinking.

Today is November 1st, the beginning of a new month. To me this means a new opportunity to achieve new things, to set new goals and see what I can mark off the list before the month ends. I have always been a writer. I have had a diary every since I can remember being able to write. I'm also a visual learner. With that said I would like to encourage you to write down some goals you would like to achieve. They can be long term goals, but I would encourage you to write some things that may be achievable this month or even in the next couple of weeks. It is a belief by many, including myself ( I can testify), that when you write your goals down you subconsciously achieve them. By putting your thoughts on paper they become tangible and therefore you visualize yourself reaching out and touching and grabbing those goals.

I'm going to write my new lists for this month right now. If you have a competitive spirit, like myself, or even if you don't, you will feel the pleasure of achievement when you can mark off or put a check beside the goals you achieve on your list. That sense of pride and accomplishment will not only launch your sense of self worth but will set the ball in motion to continue to achieve and reach your highest potential.

So with that said, I leave you with this twitter quote from Rev. Run, posted just this morning. "Thoughts are like birds, they'll always be flying over head, just don't let them build a nest there."

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