Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twitter to Death

I am sure most of you, if not all, are aware of the recent murder of Kandi's, from Real House Wives of Atlanta's, fiance AJ. He died from a blow to the head during a fight outside a strip club. ***SENSELESS CRIME IS SO SAD*** This guy had 6 children, who are now father less. Upon reviewing recent articles on this incident on the net I read several comments the general internet public wrote in response to Kandi's actions following the death of AJ.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it rapidly advances day by day. I cant imagine how my children will be able to communicate with their peers in the year 2030. Twitter is a new social site that allows the general population to communicate not only with their peers but with cross country friends, politicans, entertainers, and motivators in an instant, all at the click of a "tweet". I was skeptical to join (as I always am resistant to change, I always have to do my research first....little habit of mine)at first. Now I "tweet" everyday and am able to keep up with the people I am truly interested in and communicate with my best buds. Where as before, we would hardly ever talk. I LOVE IT! I am also able to freely voice my opinion for the entire world to see, even certain politicians I dont agree with (oooohhhh I LOVE THAT). Anywho....Kandi is an enteratiner who uses twitter to communicate with her fans as well as her fellow entertainers. The same night the news broke of AJ's death, Kandi was on twitter. check out the tweets below...

im just in one of those moods where i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna b held & told its gonna b ok. i just wanna cry myself 2 sleep, alone.
1:02 AM Oct 3rd from web I could never n a million years imagine this happening. please pray for AJ's children. that's who im the most concerned 4.
1:00 AM Oct 3rd from web im bout 2 giv my swollen eyes sum rest now. i just wanted to say thanks 2 every1 for their prayers. i gotta get up & go 2 my uncle's funeral
12:56 AM Oct 3rd from web

This seemed to upset a lot of people. How can someone be on "twitter" after hearing about the death of their fiance??? Did she loose her morals? Does she have any morals? What was she thinking? Is she using his death to gain more "followers" by tweeting during this tragic time? <<<<
I dont see what the big deal is, with Kandi being on twitter. Im sure she got flooded with tweet condolances. Who is to say she didnt have her twitter account notifications set where her phone rings every time she gets a new follower? (you know everyone became a fan then..smh nosey) Or that her phone didnt buzz everytime someone mentioned her name on twitter? Werent you the same person glued to the tv waiting for Jermaine or Janet to confirm or make a statement when M.J. passed? Like I said, twitter is just that, technology that allows us to connect more quickly and easily. If your favorite twitter peep doesnt respond when you send them a "tweet" how do you feel?

Im anxious to hear other people's opinions on this topic. You may feel totally different than me & believe Kandi was wrong for being on twitter. BY ALL MEANS PLEASE SHARE! What are the twitter rules? Are there some twitter by-laws? Are there some unspoken rules on when you should and should not tweet? If so? Who the hell made the rules up? Let me know so I can be sure not to follow them!



  1. I think this was a well stated opinion and I agree with u all the way on this one.. evrybody is unique in their own way and therfore deal with things in different ways.. who are "we" to judge how this lady is dealing with her loss..?? Being on twitter may be just the kind of support she needs right now.. to make herself feel like she is not alone.. this was the man she was goin to marry.. I think ppl should just leave her alone, although everyone has an opinion but as for me I think to hell wit the nay sayers or ppl that have nothing better to do but sth (shake their heads) @ someone that is goin through some fuk'd up shit rite now....

  2. I concur. I am not on twitter but I am on a fan of technology and I did the same thing when my grandfather died. There were a lot of ppl that I talk 2 on the web and they found out what happened so they were checking in on me. All I can say is that no one has the right 2 tell u how 2 cope w/ anything unless u r trying 2 hurt someone else. Point BLANK

  3. I don't think it was anything worng with her expressiing her feelings on Twitter after the death of AJ. Why would it be? She's a super star and while a regular person has the luxury of "ballin themselves to sleep" alone, she does not. I appreciate the Twitter because I my heart dropped when I heard the was my bday... but I took a moment of silence for the would be couple. I wish Kandi all the best in all her future plans!!