Friday, October 23, 2009

Reality TV: Take 2

1, 2, 3 & ACTION
It wouldnt be right if Ray J didnt come back and do a number 2 right?  Im sure its like a pre-packaged deal.  If you do one "search for love" reality show on VH-1 you have to do another.  Who would complain about that?  the stuff makes for great tv.  Very entertaining the adventures of the "heart".  These people are sooo good at what they do, I admit I am not one to get over easy, but for the LOVE OF RAY J (#1) really had me going.  How bout you?
Of course, in the back of mind I didnt believe this show was "reality".  A lot of things definitely looked and felt staged.  However, the girls were a little bit more.....whats the word...."decent" than the Flavor of Love Girls, in my opinion.  As a huge fan of Brandy (Ray J's sister), I was rooting for the kid.  When I first saw the commercial for the show I said I wasn't going to watch it.  After sitting and watching my first episode ( because someone else was watching it), I was hooked.  I had to know what would happen next week, week after week, after week.  What can I say? Im human and these "reality" shows are wild.
Anywho, I recently caught wind that Chilli of the famous all girl group TLC is also in talks for having her own "search for love" reality show on VHI 1.  What do you think they will call it?  Flavor of Chilli?  For the Love of Chilli?  Hots for Chilli?  Crazy, Sexy, Chilli?
I have got to hand it to VH1, they can really pick'em.  Who doesnt believe that Chilli has been searching for love every since Dallas Austin & Usher?  If you believe that, you believe in the show right? But, what about when she does "take 2" of her show?  Will you still believe in "Reality" tv?
Reality is....its just entertainment.
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