Thursday, October 8, 2009

Issues with the Body

Serena Williams is a BEAST! I love her. She recently graced the cover of one of the "Body Issue"s for ESPN Magazine. She expressed, during the interview for this ESPN issue, that she "hates her thighs" and that she thinks her arms are "too big". Serena, as in several interviews including her own book ("On the Line"), addresses the issues she has with her body. She has always candidly spoke about issues with her body. Her thighs being the cornerstone of all those discussions. Her thighs, of all things, is what she despises the most. Her thighs, of all things, is what I love most about her physical makeup.

I think her legs are absolutely wonderful. She is an athlete, but both ON & OFF the court Serena is the perfect display of femininity. Serena is known for her selection of outfits during her tennis matches, most famously a black cat suit that perfectly displayed her BOOTAY. Serena decided to launch her own line of fashion; entitled Aneres (Serena spelled backwards). She has decided to embrace her insecurities (to the best of her ability) and in turn has begun to capitalize off of them( i.e. her book & clothing line). Not only is she a very talented and successful athlete, she is also an entrepreneur.

Are there some things you don't like about your body? Are there some things you once did not like, but now currently adore? What do you think is your best feature? Your worst? Have you ever been complimented on one of the features you hate most about your body?

I was shocked to hear that Serena did not like her body. We all have our insecurities, whether we want to admit them or not. To me Serena represents the "thicker" women, the "Brickhouses" of the world. So often the covers of magazines are graced by the "skinny" women, the "model thins" if you will. Not to say that there is anything wrong with being skinny, but everyone doesn't look their best "skinny" along with all the other features they may have.

Over the years I too have begun to embrace my body. I always thought I was "too big" or "fat". Ive always been bigger than my peers. However, guys would always say & currently do now, that I am the perfect shape. Now when I look back at pictures of myself I wish I could go back there, lol. (NOT THAT IM NOT CURRENTLY SEXY) I was just somewhat smaller, during my high school athletic days & even my first two years of college, very shapely. It was not until I was physically assaulted ,while working out during my junior year of college, that I stopped working out. Any who....that is a story for another time. I am currently back in the gym. BUT I adore my current shape & size, I think it demands attention and my presence is undeniable when I enter a room. (I too have "thick legs" that I LOVE TO SHOW OFF!!) Not only because of my shape, but because of the way I carry myself. I can tell a difference in how I feel after i work out and then get dressed to go out on the town. I feel extremely sexy and confident. This is the attitude I like and want to display on a daily basis. Its not always easy, sometimes I think I look a hot mess, lol.

But that's ok, I'm always still in my OWN skin and can do something about what I don't like. Isn't that ALWAYS the bright side of our flaws, that they are OUR flaws? We have the power to change, accept, replace, enhance, and in some instances remove what some would believe to be a part of a flawed outward appearance. We only have our own personal flaws to deal with. You don't have to be concerned about the guy that weighs 500lbs, the lady with the belly over her belt, the woman with the big FIVEHEAD, or the man with the boobs, because its not your problem. Or maybe one of them is your problem, but I doubt they all are. So we only have to be concerned about what we look in the mirror everyday and see in ourselves, and then decide what to do for ourselves, and no one else. So what's the issue?

me out recently with my big legs, dancing as if no one was watching....thats how I get DOWN!!

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  1. I think everybody has some type of dislike about something on their body. For example, everybody LOVES my butt. Personally, I would give a whole cheek away if I could LOL. Actually, I would prefer to be able to detach and reattach whenever I got ready LOL. Sometimes I love it and other times it gets on my reserved nerve! But the important thing is to always love YOURSELF as a person, not what makes up your physical being. I love me, flaws and all! ;-)

  2. I everyone knows, I'm bottom heavy, Hips and legs, with a smaller top, however; I think I am nicely shaped...i do have flaws but i kno how to work around them, and if anyone doesn't like it they can look at the mirror and check themselves out...this is a nice note and I will be stopping by for the next note!