Friday, October 23, 2009

Got "One Up" on Lil Wayne?

"If you understand me, then you have 1 up on me, because I don't even understand Me" ~ Lil Wayne

The reality one with good common sense understands Wayne, and that maybe why he has such a huge fan base, including myself. A dose of reality....a lot of people can't distinguish entertainment from real life.

"Ain't nothing cool about carrying a strap, worrying your moms, and burrying your best cat." ~ Jay Z

Lil Wayne (DeWayne Carter) recently plead guilty to attempted possession of firearms. Now your favorite rapper's favorite rapper is facing some serious jail time. Although his trial is not expected to take place until March 2010, that will be here before you know it. Wayne also recently publicly spoke on & recognized the fact that he did have two women pregnant at the same time, and will be the proud father of two additional boys. He already has a daughter & son by two other women. Although these charges stem from an incident that tookplace almost two years ago, I'm sure an incarcerated baby's father is not with the mothers of these new borns planned. With the jail time he is facing, he is planning to miss a lot of baby "first". All actions have consquences, reality is, sometimes you never know how much you really end up paying for your mistakes.

The District Attorney's office that is trying Wayne's case does not offer misdemeanors for the types of charges against him , therefore he will be facing felony charges. Any one who has ever applied for a job, knows felonies are not a good look.

What was Wayne and his entourage smoking/thinking at the time? (A quarter-pound of marijuana, 41 grams of ecstasy, and an ounce of cocaine to be exact) Maybe someone who understand him knows.

Is the authenticy of rappers & hip hop culture found in a prison term?

I decided to post on this piece in relation to a recent high school visit I had. I encountered a student who proudly boasted and displayed his "Young $ Money" shoulder tattoo to my co-workers & I. I asked him did he aspire to be a rapper, matter of fact, could he even rap? He said yes & he replied that Wayne was the best rapper ever! I'm not saying this young man will end up in prison if Wayne does. I'm simply displaying the power of influence pop culture has on our youth.

I want to encourage all young adults that can, to become a mentor to our youth. It can be "official"( youthvillages, Boys & Girls Club) or "unofficial" ( hanging out with a kid down the street). A lot of us are wonderful, driven, motivational, and aspiring individuals that KNOW what we want out of life, we can share that and instill values that will last a lifetime. We UNDERSTAND ourselves, our goals, & our potential....Therefore we have " ONE UP" on a popular icon who doesn't even understand himself but can influence a minor to get a tattoo....something else that lasts a lifetime but is basically useless.

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