Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NOT signing any D*MN Papers!!

What could David Letterman & Usher possibly have in common, other than their celebrity status? Both are "currently married" NEWLYWEDS at that. Letterman finally recently married a lady he dated for 20 years. Usher hasn't been married more years than he has children (2). Usher is currently in the midst of a divorce & Letterman is in the midst of an extortion case. Which do you think is worse?

Letterman was recently "black balled" into admitting he had sexual relations with women EMPLOYED on his television show staff, while he was in a relationship with his now current wife. Someone that knew Letterman's dirty work threatened to make a screen play airing all of Letterman's dirty laundry. Letterman decided he would rather publicly confess & snitch on his extortionist than suffer public scrutiny by the hands of another.

Meanwhile, seems like Usher is about to have a #1 single on the billboard chart. His newest single "papers" is getting a lot of buzz! He seems to ALSO be airing his own dirty laundry. Here are a few lines from the lyrics...."Only time you are here for me is when the bottles are poppin and everything is alright......I'm tired of sleeping in the other room (SMH).....I done damn near lost my momma....I've turned into the man I've never thought I would...Ready to sign them PAPERS". Usher then goes further to say "I can't deny I Love you".

I guess...."What's love got to do with it?" You are married, with children, and you love her...but you've had enough in less than a couple of years and you're ready to sign "them papers". What is Usher to do??? Fight for his marriage, for his LOVE (that he can't deny), for his family (he had spread across the cover of Essence/Ebony)? Or sign them papers because his mom never approved and his friends can't recognize him, and because he's turned into the "family man" that he sang so lovely about on his last album?

What's the difference between Letterman and Usher? Letterman says his wife is very hurt by this recent surge of information and that he "has his work cut out for him" to work on repairing his marriage. He even joke about it on the taping of this Monday's "Late show". Not saying that Usher did not try to work on his marriage, he could've had issues from the jump...ya know in between babies. All we can go on is what the entertainers decide to put out there for us to go off on. I wish both men & women much love & happiness.

Do you still believe in Magic...I mean Marriage??!? I am currently single (happily single) but I guess...I mean I think I still believe in a Happily Ever After!! Even being from a broken home I grew up with married Aunts & Uncles. You may still have your grandparents who have been married forever with 10 children :). That's a kind of Love I want to believe in. And I will take my time to find it. Call me old fashion. TRUE STORY, I had a guy friend I knew for over a year. We would kick it off & on. About two weeks after our last visit he was tagged in wedding pictures on Facebook. HIS OWN wedding with a pregnant wife. I felt sooo bad, not for me, but for his wife. I don't know maybe it took only about two weeks to plan the wedding ( I have an issue with trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt).

Do you believe True love still exsisit? Is there a sanctity of marriage? Is it still relevant in our society or is a "try" a "try" , a divorce is a divorce? As we may have grown up with grandparents/parents with 50 year wedding anniversaries our younger generations is singing "Sign them papers". Will you be ready to sign those papers when its your turn? What are you doing to avoid those papers? Can you even avoid the papers? Hell some people get married just for those papers (green papers *cough Khole*)

I don't know, love is a crazy thing! As for me ill sing Chrisette Michele "Golden" until I think I've figured it out. "Be the man of my dreams and get down on one knee love..ill be everything that this woman could possibly be, cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when comittment was GOLDEN...NO typical American shady LOVE"

Are you in LOVE? Id love to hear about it. Inspire me & someone else...comment.

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  1. Okay....just a few points. Does love exist anymore? Of course it does! Am I in love? NO. Have I ever been in love? NO. Would I like to love one day....HELL YEA! Hopefully it happens...u never know.

    And I hate to look at Letterman or Raymond as role models for love...because both are in the entertainment industry, and I know exactly how damaging that life can be. I also believe Usher is just "milking" his divorce for another commercial hit. Just like he "milked" his break up with Chilli back in the day and shot into SUPERSTAR atmoshpere....I think he's just trying to reclaim that fame and success once again. So yea...."I'm on to the next wit Usher." lol

  2. Hmph.. I guess I'll share ;-). I had a best friend for the past 5 years or so. Initially we were set up to go out by a mutual friend that for some reason thought we would be good together. We talked on the phone for a while and ended up meeting. By this time I just thought of him as a friend and dated others during our friendship. All while I would talk to him about the other assholes I was seeing he would be there always saying "I dont know why you playin, you're gonna be my wife".. Okay, I'm gonna make this short. After a little over 5 years I decided to see how it would work out, scared that it would cause our friendship to change if it didnt work. Well, it did work and he is the BEST EVER! I love being able to talk to him about anything and then have that companionship at the same time. I am a prime example of folks looking for something thats right in front of you!! ;-)

    Oh.. poor Usher LOL. That baby sounds like he is so confused! I met them years ago and thought they made a great couple, then again thats from the outside looking in. They were both really nice, especially Tameka. I hope they can work that out.

  3. This was well stated and I am soooo prouf of you... You are a very smart black woman that people can learn from including me. Yes I have been in love and was in love wit someone that wasn't right for me in the end. Although I tried to make it work for 6 or 7 years it just got to the where things were just spinning out of control there weregood memories as well as many many many bad ones. There was abuse physical and mental.. I was soooo unhappy and found myself shutting out my family and friends just to be with him and make him happy.. was I liking who I was turning in to be? Had I lost my family and friends forever for this lowlife n*gga? There was just so many things I had to deal with all the cheating and fighting.. whew its making me sick to my stomach now.. well this is not my blog so lemmie wind this up.. I got out of the relationship and tried seeing someone else going into everyday wit them wit my guards up.. saying to myself I will neva love again and not even givin this person a chance to make me happy.. come to find out they were exactly what I needed... and we've been together for a little while now and its one of the best things that has happened to me and u know what I LOVE HER!!!! Yea I said it lmao but that's another story... we will save that 1 for later..

  4. LOVE?.. Ha!... Everything Im In Love With Doesnt Breathe.. Doesnt Eat,, Doest Shit,, Or Talk! (Except My 4yr Old Son Of Course He Does All Of Them x2..LOL) I used To have this thing where I'd Fall In Love TOO Fast, Because Im a Caring Person and Women Use To Be My WEAKNESS In Life.. But Now.. I Cant Fall In Love If it Were to Save My LIFE! But Over The Years I Have Found The Key To Love, Marriage, Or Relationships. (Not That I've Been Married) But I've been In Love, Loved, Stalked, in a Relationship.. But Nevertheless, The Key To Strong LOVE.. Is Always Making Sure The Positives Weigh More Than The Negatives!.. You Have To Be Able To Overcome Those Negative Times You have In You Relationship or Marriage By Being Able To Reflect On The Good Times You've Both Had.. and Realizing There Are More To Come If You Give Effort!.. In My Last Relationship.. the Goods were Good.. The Bads WERE TREMENDOUSLY HORRIBLE!!! But Thats just one thing I Learned out of that TREMENDOUSLY HORRIBLE Relationship.. When The Good Times are Gone.. There Gone Forever!.. And So Is Your Relationship.. But GREAT POST Relle!.. keep It Up!.. -D.Carter

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Hmm where do I begin? I think ppl go wrong with love for many of reasons. First and foremost, (if you are a believer you will feel me on this) GOD should be your #1 priority in life! When you put him first, it will make love and life so much easier because God is love. If you are wrapped up in HIM, you will have the desire to do right by your loved ones. Now dnt get me wrong, NOBODY'S perfect but we can strive for perfection. Everybody feels the need to be loved but I think we, the younger generation has lost sight of the morals, values, and standards that our parents and grandparents held so dear. Thus we get sidetracked by looks, material things, & sex when love wasnt the issue in the first place.....but merely LUST. If your determination for love is how good a person looks, the things he/she possess, or the bedroom activities; you are in for a world of what would you do when these things run out or not look so good anymore?? Love is much more deeper than that. Loving yourself is most important! Have standards- do's & dont's, without them a guy or girl wont respect you let alone love you. & if they dont respect you or your decisions, it might jus mean they not the person for u anyway. Get to know a person and see what they are all about, that's a great start & you will be suprised at your findings. People get in and out of relationships all the time looking for that one but when you are ready ask THE MAN upstairs and he will send you your match! If you have fell in love with someone, let God take control & he will reveal if they are truly the one.!

  6. That magic moment, the look in your eyes you have a smile to die for, one to cry for and most important one to live for, I have a hard time looking because of my shyness, so my eyes start to wonder and so does my mind, as the minster speaks my soul takes me to the time we first met, to the beginning of what is to come today, the start of our future. I see the reason why we are standing here no no, I see the reason why I am standing here and its not because you are a strong black woman who is so independent that I can't do anything for because "you got your own", but I'm standing here because I looked passed all those good things about you, like your smile, your sense of fashion, your college degree, the way you throw down in the bed room, the way you cook, I talked to God and I asked him to cover my eyes from all those good qualities you poses and let me build my love on your flaws, how your breath smells when you wake up in the morning, how you forget to flush you female products down the toilet, how much of a spoil brat you really are and how you say you like to compromise but I know that you really want it your way. I fell in love with everything about you which means that I am down with this bond until the in end of time there are no "papers" that can separate what we have only God can end this.

    Great Post Shirrelle, I honestly believe that true love still exists. People have to look past the the common qualities and actually look at every aspect of that person and thats what you have to fall in love with, the good qualities and the bad qualities. If I was to ever marry I want it to be forever, I want to grow old with my wife, the only papers we will be signing will be our life insurance policy together. Today's generation marry for the wrong reasons and and once whatever brought them together runs it course, the marriage ends, they seem to forget the vows that they said to God. Love still exists its just hiding and waiting for someone to find it that will actually love her back regardless, love is tired of being used and misused so in order for love to stay relevant today, love pulls the greatest trick of all by changing into a fictional character that lives in all of our dreams and wants and not our needs.

    Love me with all your heart not just cause things are good right now, love me even if we filed for bankruptcy, love me even if i cant cook worth a damn. If we focus on the personal traits of each other and learn to respect one another then acceptance should be easy and we will spend a "Golden" life together.

    When I'm in love I love hard, which makes this post easy for me to speak on because I actually live and think in this way because of my up bringing, yes I have done somethings in relationships like cheat and lie but I learned from everyone of those mistakes and when Im with someone I do whatever it takes not to go down that path again. Where Im trying to go in life, I cant live that way, I find it very impossible for me to cheat again, because that happened to me for 4 years and how I felt after knowing that, I couldn't see myself bringing that hurt and pain back to someone else. So if we don't take our past and our own mistakes into consideration, love will forever be hiding in our heart, thats why God is love because if you never know him for yourself you will never know what love is. SO IM NOT SIGNING ANY DAMN PAPERS!!!

    Dj Bay