Sunday, October 4, 2009


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month is celebrated in honor of Breast Cancer surviors, as well as those who have gone before us due to this condition. This month is "celebrating 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment". My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, so this is a subject matter that is near and dear to my heart. Do you know any victims of breast cancer or anyone suffering from cancer? I am a firm believer that a majority of "our people" do not do better because they DON'T know better (i.e. this is the exact definition of ignorant, an adjective that most people do not want used to describe their character, when in reality we are all ignorant on some subject, one or another). Therefore, Knowledge is POWER, share what you know.

I encourage you to review the National Breast Cancer Awareness website to educate yourselves on the subject. For instance, did you know that there are four primary stages of Breast cancer? Breast examinations are directly tied to this fact, the more frequently you have your breast exam, the higher the percentage of detecting breast cancer at an early stage for treatment, which in turn increases your chance for successful breast cancer survival.

Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, however it is most common in women. Breast cancer is simply a cancer that forms in the cells of breast (so watch those man boobs).

I took this picture at work earlier last week. Some employees at my job raised awareness and funds for breast cancer research by simply selling PINK balloons for $1. Participants were able to honor their love ones and raise awareness by releasing all the pink balloons. Some balloons had names and special messages written on them. I wrote in memory of my grandma, Martha McCray. Who knows where all, or any of those balloons landed, but hopefully just one balloon landed in the lap of at least one person, who was not aware of how breast cancer affects the world.

Post your comment, who knows how your story could affect the world :)

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