Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AMBITIOUS : 1st Feature

As you know, or as you should be able to tell by now, my blog focuses on positivity within the young African American Community. Although some discussions may seem controversial at times, it is also designed to nurture critical thinking. With that said, from time to time I will be highlighting young individuals that are doing positive noteworthy things in their lives as well as their communities. We all are a part of one world, with our own unique ambitions, striving for success. Our paths are different but our goals of successful individuality are one in the same.

My first highlighted young individual is a friend of mine, by the name of Jordan Ware. He is my fellow AUC Graduate & Morehouse Brother. Check out how J.O. inspires those around him, with his "Feel Good" Music.

Sharing our stories is one way we can inspire & motivate others. Here are a few words from J.O. An introduction to "the man"...if you will.

What inspired you to do music?

"My mother was always in music, ranging from Broadway, tv, and film (Sweet Honey in the Rock). Her influence was and still is undeniable. Funny enough, my mother used to play violin. But, specifically when I was in the first grade (wow), I saw my friends in a violin program at school. I wanted to try out. I was like "if they can do it, why can't I?" So after getting turned down, because of it being too late in the school year, I tried again the next year. From that point on it was History."

What is your next goal? What are your aspirations?

"I want to keep banging out this feel good music. I feel like my music definitely has that chill vibe, you know? I want grammys, and I know I'm going to get to that stage. Whether its violin, production,or songwriting. The Sky is the limit.....there aren't too many people that can do what I do. Because I do it so well, I stand out from the rest. Like a diamond in the feel me?

What makes you Ambitious?

"Life makes me ambitious. The fact that I have the opportunity to affect people by thoughts alone, is something powerful. The more people I effect, the more ambitious I become. If I perform, and you are affected by it, I'm going to BRING IT ten times HARDER! That's how I operate.

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