Sunday, September 27, 2009


Why is.....?
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Why is ignorance so bliss for some people? Are we, as African- Americans, so willing to accept limit knowledge? Do we think that if we dont know better we wont/cant do better? Well ignorance is not bliss. And the more you allow urself to wallow in stupidty, the more we will continue to miss out on our abilites to excell. So do me a favor, strive for knowledge, strive for excellance, and loose the stupidty. Everything you say and do is not funny to everyone. Because your level of ignorance wont be the same as everyone else you encounter

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  1. I do agree with your opinion on that subject with a simple exception, Im the type of person that loves very hard but i dont really know how to forgive, actually i cant forgive. So ive always told women that i were involved with that if by chance they get drunk, or just accidentally fall on a dick, never tell me unless you plan on continuing that relationship. Because i want to see my woman as the perfect picture, but when you get mustard on the picture, even if you wipe it off, I still see the stain. Does that make sense?