Sunday, September 27, 2009


He is my strength and my provider. Without him I would be nothing. Without him I am nothing. Without him I have nothing, and will never have anything. Without him I am lost. Without him I am shameful. Without him I would not be the wonderful person that I am. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Do you know him? If you don't Im telling you that you should get to know him. The Lord is my rock and my salvation, whom shall I fear? I know for sure I wouldnt be so "super" without the mercy of God. I just want to testify, that all that know me and all my "myspace friends" will have some insight into my life, and how I came to be the person that I am today. I dont by any means claim to be the perfect person. I sin and have flaws just like everyone else, but I know where my strength lies. It is not in the love of a companion, the love of my appearance, the grades I make in school, or in the relationships I have with my peers. None of these things dictate my future. It is when I love the Lord, I love myself, and I am able to love everyone else around me. It is in this order and in no other way, I dont love everyone else before myself (e.g. Accepting the opinons of others before listening to myself). I dont love myself before the Lord (e.g. Leaning into my own understanding and not stepping out on faith)

Anyway, I wrote this blog because I am thankful and truly blessed to end my sophomore year of college, and to start my summer with a paid internship, that will definitely help my major in the long run. Just wanted to share in hopes that someone else may realize why they may feel lost or unhappy. I challenge you to recognize your strength, because I definitely recognize mine! ~SUPERWOMAN~

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  1. On this i do love the confidence. Let me give you a brief history of who I am, I was born and raised in the church and I am the only male sibling out of three that is not a minister, also I am a 0800 MARINE CORP WARRIOR, so with all of that being said, Ive kind of due to situations had to take a warriors stance on this blog. When i think of a true man he is a totally self sufficient creature, with no fears, and most of all no vices. Here to protect, those who are weaker. Never and I mean NEVER fearing death. Because when the fear of death is gone is when you see the man that will die for what he beleives in. The muslims understand that, Bishop Walker would run from that, Ive lived that !!!