Sunday, September 27, 2009


Where is the love? Not the love from your partner or your momma, but the love for yourself. Lately i have been insipired to post this blog. (and no not by anyone person in particular). Mostly by myself. We can not love or be loved properly, until we first love ourselves. If you look at yourself and decide u dont like what you see, do u think anyone else will? Yea, maybe someone will eventually love you, but not to the highest degree in which u can actually can be loved. If your lookin for that special someone, searching for acceptance, or just trying to discover who u really are. Do some self examination. Decide what you like or dont like about yourself. Can those things be changed, or are they the things that make you unique. Embrace yourself, Be you, because no one else can occupy the space that u have. So make the best of it, live life to the fullest, let no one dictate what u can and can not do, how u should and should not look, and what u will or will not accomplish!! No matter, the circumstance know that its u, living your life so do u, and POP YO COLLAR REGARDLESS, because damn it, its your shirt. LOL

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  1. No comment, you hit the nail on the head !!!