Sunday, September 27, 2009

FREEDOM of MY speech

This isn't my first time blogging........

Ive always had a passion for writing, usually my own intimate thoughts, in my own intimate diary ( A characteristic I admired in Doug Funnie, except he had a "journal"). I have a few blogs on myspace that I will re-post on here just for the hell of it.

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of writing a book....a memoir/self-help/autobiography/motivational/do-it-yourself type thing. However, my mind is so sporadic & I'm just a tad bit impatient, so I decided blogging would probably be a better idea. As a LEO, I like to talk but ONLY WHEN NECESSARY, and I like to amuse other people (entertain if you will), and that is how for the most part I like to gain attention, I suppose. Supposedly Leos like attention, but Ive never been one to intentionally run for the spotlight, it just happens to follow me *shrugs*.

I have an interest in Law & Public policy, (i.e. the title of this blog). I am currently in limbo between post undergrad and LAW SCHOOL ( I claim it). However, sometimes things are not as easy as we would like them to be. Sometimes the cards are just not in our favor. That does not mean you give up and you give in, it just means you go harder. In the end you appreciate it more. STORY of MY life.

I have always worked hard for what I wanted in life. As the child of a single parent home, the silver spoon was far from the table, but I ALWAYS had a decent spoon. You feel me? So in essence, IF I SAW IT & I WANTED IT, I GOT IT!! Maybe not in the typical way or the way in which one would first think to obtain an obstacle, none the less, I always got what I wanted. :) With that said, we are currently in the midst of trying times. As a recent college graduate, life right now is not what I imagined when I entered the gates of Spelman College (wow 5 years ago).

Therefore the purpose of my blog spot will typically be to spark the enthusiasm of young adults. How do we feel right now? Are we where we imagined we would be? Are we on the track to be where we imagined we would be at this time in our lives? Have we fallen into the rotations of the "workforce" (exactly where we decided we wouldn't end up for those who decided to pursue higher education) Do we feel there is something or some route out there better than where we are now? What will we do to change our current circumstances if needed? Do we need to change our circumstances or are we happy, content, or exactly where we envisioned we would be? Is life as an adult all we imagined it would be? If not or if so, what are we doing to help our younger generation envision something even better? Lets share our stories, or success and our failures, and have a few laughs while we're at it. My passion for writing is drawn in the believe that when you write your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations down to physical view, you subconciously train your mine to achieve them.

Just a little taste of where I am going......More to come......

What do you think?

Peace. Love. Laugh. Give....

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